Commercial Transactions between France and the United States in 2015

Commercial transactions between France and the United States in 2015

The Regional Economic Service of the French Embassy in the U.S has recently published a report on the commercial transactions between France and the United States.

In 2015, the commercial transactions between France and the United States reached approximately $75 billion. It represents a 14.7% increase compared to 2014. The same year, the French balance of trade deficit to the United States almost halved to reach $2.5 billion. This positive figure for France could be explained by a 19.2% growth of French exports to the United States ($35.8 billion) while French imports rose only by 10.8% ($38.5 billion).

France is the United States’ third European trading partner (after Germany and the United Kingdom) and its 5th provider.

For France, the United States is its second trading partner and its 5th provider after Germany, China, Italy and Belgium.

France mainly imports, from the United States, transport materials, capital goods, pharmaceutical products and chemical products . The types of products that France exports to the United States are slightly the same.

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The Chamber’s actions in that matter

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