South of France 2017 Delegation: Success Stories “NEUROSERVICE”


Bruno Buisson

Founder and CEO of Neuroservice, Board Member of BIOCOM and Eurobiomed

“As member of both Clusters, I am more than happy to help and advice San Diego-based and South-of-France-based companies willing to discover those incredible ecosystems.”


Neuroservice is a private Contract Research Organization providing pharmacological assays based on electrophysiological recordings of acute brain slices, spinal cord slices, human brain slices and cultured neurons. These assays are performed with two complementary techniques: the Multi-Electrode Array (MEA) and the Patch-Clamp.

The mission of Neuroservice is to support the early phases of CNS and PAIN R&D programs in Lead Selection & Optimization as well as in the investigation of Mechanism of Action for experimental compounds. Neuroservice is also able to perform electrophysiological recordings of slices from genetically engineered rodents and to address CNS Safety/Toxicology issues for any given compound, thanks to our cutting-edge electrophysiological screening platform.

NEUROSERVICE early identified the San Diego area as a « hot spot » for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. They have first started on their own side to develop their business in San Diego, but BIOCOM has quickly emerged as a key actor to both identify potential new customers as well as providing the best networking connections.

NEUROSERVICE business is 70% USA-based for 7 years with San Diego and Boston being the two main business areas. In order to reinforce its presence in the USA and to strongly enlarge its business, this company will incorporate and launch facilities in San Diego in 2018.

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