Innovation in the South of France

South of France is one of the best innovative hubs for healthtech in biotechnologies as well as
med-technologies in Europe.

Innovation is key in the region thanks to Eurobiomed, a major Cluster that gathers all of the actors of Life Sciences’ innovation and support them in every step of their development.

Innovations in the South of France Region concern new therapeutics, medical Devices, diagnostics and imaging, digital health either in immunology, oncology, infectious and rare diseases,
neurosciences or regenerative medicine.

In such areas, some of the most recent disruptive and breakthrough innovations has been
realized by the french-biotech companies.

Provepharm , a CRO specialized in the development and commercialization of innovative healthcare products from designed and patent active pharmaceuticals ingredients, just obtained the FDA approval to market for ProvayBlue™ in the United States. The active substance Proveblue, is the first GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) pharmaceutical grade methylene blue compliant with European Pharmacopoeia. The company is therefore the only one in the world to provide the Blue of Methylene for therapeutic treatments.

The young company I2a, offers a complete range of microbiology automates: cytology (Urised),
staining (Ral), bloodculture (Versatrek), Identification& AST (Sirscan), automatic plate streaking
(Prelud), a range of software (SirWeb middleware, SirWeb-MaldiTOF, epidemiology…) and reagents.They have been recently awarded by Business France during the Medica/Compamed
Conference of the Innovation Price regarding it’s breakthrough products designed to reduce
antibiotic resistances of micro-organisms. In that way, I2A has created a dynamic antibiogramme dedicated to patients that tackle one of the main issues of Public Health, targeting the good antibiotics for each patients and erasing the resistances to them.

Median Technologies has recently developed a proprietary software, unique approach and industry-leading knowledge of Imaging Phenomics™. Median’s specialists analyze and manage medical images with unrivalled accuracy, consistency and quality. In their centers of excellence in the South of France Region, they’re building an exceptional resource for understanding the efficacy of treatments for our partners worldwide.

For more than 40 years, PMB has designed, produced and industrialized RF assemblies and sub-
assemblies and complex mechanical components which resist to extreme environments. PMB has
recently conceived and produced the first Cyclotron of Guadeloupe (French Island), a breakthrough technology to detect tumors but also to create new radioactive drugs. Most of them rank on the top of the startups of the year and belong to the very little circle of the
french-tech companies.


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