Companies Represented at the 2017 Delegation in the South of France


Companies represented at the 2017 Delegation in the South of France: hospitals, clinics, research institutes, universities, and innovative companies in the South of France Region represent one of the most attractive ecosystems to grow for life sciences key players.

Their main areas of research and innovation are in immunology, oncology, infectious and rare diseases, neurosciences and regenerative medicine.

Among them, Haliodix. Halio Dx is one of the key players with in the Immune Response to Cancer Diagnostics: by precisely measuring the immune reaction in and around the tumor, HalioDx tests allow the clinician to determine the degree of severity of the patient’s disease and predict the response to treatment, regardless of the cancer stage or the molecular class.

HalioDx designs and develops a unique range of IVD-compliant immune scoring tests, whose first-in-class product is Immunoscore®. Considered a future diagnostic standard in Oncology, this biomarker has already demonstrated strong prognostic value in colorectal cancer.

Improving worldwide access to medicine, Medincell is a company focusing on offering a second life to drugs. They got famous by creating BEPO, a simple yet flexible technology. Based on their custom proprietary copolymers and a biocompatible solvent (where the API is solubilized or suspended).
BEPO forms a fully bioresorbable depot once injected and can provide a controlled release of therapeutic molecules for days, weeks or months and therefore can be used to improve the treatment for a large variety of chronic diseases or short-term illnesses. Their development is worldwide, including in developing countries.

Internationally renowned Pr. Alain Dessein for its works on genetics, created in 2012 GenePred, a company focused on finding and developing genetic markers of any type of fibrosis.

Today, they research and develop prognostic software using panels of genetic markers and thus envisage new specific treatments for fibroses and live cancer. They are combining genetics and digital technology to develop powerful algorithms capable of identifying patients at risk from serious fibrosis. They are today considered the only genomic company in the world to propose a solution which allows such an identification.

Be part of the 2017 “Invest in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur” delegation from October 30th to November 3rd and benefit from a unique chance to access to some of the major leaders of the region life sciences sector and meet with the heads of these key players.

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