Stop-Anchor, a success story that is revolutionizing marine anchorage!

Alain Maurin, the creator of GMPRO and its kit “Stop-Anchor”, has been a sailor and a diver for more than 20 years in Marseille (Provence region). At each anchorage, especially when the wind would rise, he could not but deplore the drift of his boat over several meters, thus endangering the safety of the boat and its occupants. One day, he decided to dive to see what was happening on the water bottom: he was forced to admit that his flat anchor would often flip on its side, thus wrecking and plowing the fragile seabed as well.

Therefore, looking for a solution, Alain Maurin found an ingenious system: he designed and built two “stabilizers”, which he adopted on the flukes of his flat anchor. These stabilizers prompt the anchor to immediately sink its two flukes in the sand, thus greatly improving its gripping time and distance. In addition, the more the traction on the chain is strong, the more the stabilizers open the anchor and prompt it to sink even deeper into the seabed.

Moreover, this kit allows the boater to reduce not only the length of his mooring rope but also the length of a chain with an anchor rode. Ideal for the second rescue anchor!

A product praised by the profession

This product is very smart, simple and effective. It takes 15 minutes to adapt it on any flat anchor, whether it is the main anchor or the rescue one. Just drill the anchor to bolt the stabilizers (bolts, joints, and drill are provided with the kit). This standard kit fits all flat anchors from 11 lbs to 36 lbs, in stainless steel, aluminum or steel.

This is how the start-up GMPRO was born on March 25, 2017, to commercialize this international patent. Since then, GMPRO has been admitted to the network of the “Mediterranean Sea Innovation Cluster”.

For the last 8 months, the Stop-Anchor kit has been covered by all the specialized media (8 articles), as well as on TVs and national radios.This kit is also praised by the professional community (80 dealers in France to date) and by the anchors’ manufacturers.The testimonials of the buyers are more than eloquent (nearly 600 kits sold to date), for this system makes them feel secure and facilitates their life aboard while protecting the seabed.

The “Stop-Anchor” kit is sold for 79 € only (in France). It is therefore much cheaper than a replacement anchor, and, above all, this is a product which is much more ecological than a single flat anchor which damages enormously the seabed.

Source: Eco nautisme