Two proof of concept allow CoralBiome , a company established in Marseille, to validate palytoxine efficiency on a rare and chemo-resistant cancer. The aim is now to achieve their fund-raising to launch, among other, pre-clinical studies. Second fund-raising campaign switched on, with 5M€ as goal. CoralBiome, a Marseille coral farm created by the aquaculture engineer Frederic Gault and the biologist Yvan Perez could reach a serious inflection point. To remember, the one that has positioned itself on biomedical application from coral culture – and on cytotoxic compound isolation presenting anti-tumor properties – was focus especially on one coral strain able to produce palytoxin, a deadly poison which conceals, at very low dose, a strong interest in cancer treatment. “We validated palytoxin efficiency in April 2017, with two proof of concept in vivo on two mammal’s models: one mouse model and one chicken model”, remind Frederic Gault.

CORALBIOME Moving forward studies

It was already thanks to the first participatory fund-raising through the Anaxago platform that CoralBiome could gather 750k€ required for new collaborator recruitment within its R&D unit and for the funding of two POC. The company has initially identified palytoxin’s interest on leukemia, its pro-apoptotic properties allowing fast destruction of tumoral cells saving healthy cells. But it noticeably offer other possibilities. “One of the two POC is about a rare and incurable cancer, an orphan disease”. Thus, all the aims of the initiated fund-raising (with a targeted finalization during first semester of 2018), is to pursue the development of this compound able to fight this rare cancer, more precisely to elaborate a formulation and to launch pre-clinical regulatory studies, under mid-2019 horizon. If everything go forward under good omens, phase I trial on Human, as far as it is concerned, might take place mid-2020.

R&D unit soon among OneLife business incubator

CoralBiome, which began to approach investment funds and impressed the innovation town with its presence during the last Health Future Show, matter of visibility, does not however focus only on anti-cancer treatment. It has identified among cultured corals thirty compounds of potential interest, not only in cancer, but in infectious and inflammatory diseases, which would gave birth to “a new anti-inflammatory antibiotics family”. In addition to financing of upcoming studies, the 5M€ round table will help to beef up the staff once again, “but also to move in larger facilities, more adapted to our activity. All the R&D unit and
headquarters would set up within OneLife business incubator, which welcome biotechs and medtechs with profile similar to our”. CoralBiome should also move its aquaculture activity in the south side of Marseille, which should establish a new expansion relay. “One part of those facilities would be open to aquarist public and would establish a selling point. Until now, our customers went through our website to buy our products”, specify the co-founder. Indeed, the young company develops, since its creation, an aquarist activity, allowing to generate cash and to have a substantial sourcing in situ, with more of a hundred corals species cultivated. Besides B to C, CoralBiome works also with specialized retailers in France and Europe. “This store opening makes our visibility increase and will increase our sales figures too”, which is for now about 70k€. Frederic Gault and Yvan Perez have as goal to increase this sales figures of about 15 to 20% per year.

Source: Provence Promotion