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OuiStart Brings Fifty Recognized Biotech Professionals to the South of France 

The San Diego French American Chamber of Commerce and Ouistart, in collaboration with the South of France Region, have assembled a team of business delegates to visit France in March 2018.

San Diego, CA – March 20th, 2018 – OuiStart (The San Diego French American Chamber of Commerce – SDFACC) is proud to announce the success of its business delegation composed of 50 highly skilled professionals. High level executives and entrepreneurs of the Life Science industry visited the South of France Region from March 14 to March 16, 2018.

San Diego’s OuiStart team and the South of France Region partnered together to organize a two day delegation directly after the Bio Europe conference, where 21 San Diego and Japanese companies were introduced to the Life Science ecosystem of Southern France.

The 50 prestigious professionals who were part of the American and Japanese delegation were given the opportunity to meet with 32 companies local French companies on a per request basis. More than 100 business-to-business meetings were held to create partnerships between the Biotech world of San Diego, Japan and the South of France.

“This is a very rich program that will foster transatlantic collaboration, with large networking events taking place in the cities of Nice and Marseille,” says Gilles Bonkoski, Executive Director of OuiStart / SDFACC. “Numerous elected officials have reinforced the desire from local government officials to strengthen economic collaboration between the South of France Region and San Diego businesses and universities”.

The program agenda included a visit to the Institute of Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology, showcasing the French Biotech know-how and technology. Additionally, workshops were hosted throughout the two days covering all the best practices to establish a business in France.

“In collaboration with Biocom, this is the largest Biotech delegation ever brought to the South of France region,” says Christophe Fremont, President of the Board of OuiStart / SDFACC. “We are proud to see OuiStart / SDFACC as a cornerstone of such a synergetic initiative for both regions. It reinforces OuiStart as the preferred organization for economic exchanges and business partnerships between France and Southern California.”

About OuiStart 

OuiStart offers a business-friendly office environment. Together with the strong San Diego Chamber of Commerce (SDFACC) network, it regroups professionals and services that assists startups and more established businesses with little knowledge of American business practices or of the French market. OuiStart – SDFACC has a network of 160 members and communicate with more than 5,100 business contacts. Our network belongs to key economic sectors of the city of San Diego and its SoCal region: Med and Biotechnologies, Clean-Tech, Telecommunications and Information Sciences, Tourism, Food industry / Catering, Sport and well-being, Defense. 

About the South of France Region 

The South of France Region is one of the world’s top tourism destinations as well as one of the most important concentrations of intellectual and technological resources in Europe. The region is strong and dynamic in many different economic sectors. It is the third economic region in France in terms of population and wealth. The region supports the creation of new businesses (+14.5% between 2010-2014). It attracts foreign investments: 1,740 companies with foreign capital representing 72,000 jobs. 

Back in February of 2017, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Mayor Kevin Faulconer and Bernard Deflesselles, regional vice president of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. San Diego and the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region share similar industries such as biotech, defense, aerospace, software development, cleantech, bluetech and tourism.


Media contact : Gilles Bonkoski – T: 619 230 5257 – C: 858 231 4818 Gilles.bonkoski@francesandiego.org