With AI, MOBEN&ROOSTER is Supporting Manufacturers Through Their Digital Transition

moben rooster

Founded in 2016 in Marseille, the company counting on the Provence territory, a hotbed for Industries.

Specializing in digital solutions and engineering services for industry, MOBEN&ROOSTER was founded in 2016 in Marseille by three former Capgemini executives, and it already has 15 employees and 3 independent experts. The young SME defines itself as a simplifier of the digital experience to accelerate decision-making intelligence. It is counting on the Provence territory amongst others, as a hotbed for the Energy, Environment and Industrial Construction industries. Interview with Sébastien Rolando, Chairman of MOBEN&ROOSTER.

What does MOBEN&ROOSTER mean?

MOBEN, a contraction of Mobility Engineering, could be defined as the simplified management of digital data in the engineering professions. Digital must be a tool available to industrialists and not the other way round. ROOSTER, on the other hand, is a little nod to the collaborative ecosystem of French Tech. Associated with the English-sounding MOBEN&ROOSTER name, which enables us to develop internationally, it was important to come up with a very polished, aesthetically pleasing visual identity, breaking away from the codes of our market.

For a few months now, you have been developing an R&D activity in Marseille based on artificial intelligence. When do you expect to go to market?

Our first “Easual Project” application will be launched at the end of March 2018. It is a collective intelligence accelerator dedicated to industrial projects. Its aim is to enable the different people involved in an industrial project to focus on their added-value tasks by freeing up time spent on those that contribute nothing.

The traditional everyday work environment will make way for new practices. We want to stimulate collaborative work, in particular by simplifying exchanges of information through our workflows. Our algorithms will be an asset for accelerating each person’s decision-making.

Backed by the Jaguar Network cloud host, we offer a subscription service. Five researchers work on this application full time. We are financed by Bpi France (AFI). We also get funding from the Marseille Innovation Fund and Marseille Initiative, and we receive support from the BNP Paribas Innovation Cluster and Crédit Agricole.

What services do you offer and which manufacturers are you targeting?

Besides our digital solutions, we offer engineering services and digital transition advice. We target traditional and new industries in Energy, the Environment and Industrial Construction. They may be large groups, intermediate-sized enterprises building factories or SMEs specializing in the design of special equipment.

What role did Provence Promotion play and why did you choose the Provence region?

We met this agency in 2016 when we were searching for an incubator. Provence Promotion put us in touch with Marseille Innovation at the Hôtel Technologique of the Technopole de Château-Gombert, who have supported us since October 2016 and where our R&D is being developed. The urban area of Aix-Marseille-Provence has real potential in our target market. Its position makes it easy to access the Mediterranean markets, and Africa in particular. We are also in touch with Tunisian manufacturers. Furthermore, Provence boasts a great deal of talent in the digital and IT industry. The indisputable quality of life is also a real draw. More than thirty employees are expected to join our ranks within the next 3 years.