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If American English is not your native language, it can be difficult to create a captivating marketing message that showcases your products or services. Cultural and linguistic differences can create barriers to reaching customers effectively in the US. A local marketing agency can be useful to help you navigate the most effective marketing channels that can make a splash with your targeted local customer segment. Here are a few tips to help you stand out.


The Challenges of Audience Targeting for Non-Native English Speakers

Taking full advantage of your digital marketing presence is essential to achieving business success. Many aspects of business such as finance or accounting cross language and cultural barriers, marketing is heavily reliant on local information and regional understanding. In San Diego, being a non-native English speaker can make digital marketing nearly impossible. For example, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most crucial components in marketing your business on the internet.

The SEO process is largely made up of keywords and phrases. To effectively market to your customer, you must be able to think and speak like your customer. Choosing the most effective keywords, phrases and tags for your website will add a noticeable boost to your site’s search engine rankings. Search engines like Google and Bing have been developed to think like a customer and to prioritize results that are the most useful. Learning how to make your website communicate appropriately with search engines and potential customers are both critical to your local and national success.


Mastering Language for Customer Search Intent

SEO isn’t as easy as simply writing a keyword that describes your product or service. An SEO specialist must have complete mastery of the English language with an ability to think like a customer. Understanding search algorithms and using specialized tools to track the competition is a must. Content creation should transform a keyword or phrase into useful questions, comparisons and prepositions for writing web pages or blog posts.

Digitally tracking your US competitors requires another advanced level of SEO understanding. Google Analytics does a great job of tracking keywords used to find your site, but how do you target your competition? We use a paid enterprise tools to compare our client’s sites with their competitors. These tools can be costly, but we are able to absorb that to provide competitive analysis for our clients.

Business professionals holding limited experience with the English language may run into difficulty with SEO. Especially, when it comes to finding the most effective English keywords to use locally in a specific US city or state. A digital marketing agency such as SunCity Advising should extensive SEO tactics and expert tools to help you excel at marketing in this region.


Becoming Familiar with Your Local Market

Another challenge of adjusting to new location is the difficulty of targeting specific audiences and having limited knowledge of the local market. An important part of digital marketing is finding out what is bringing you either sales or leads. Knowing this information helps you decide which segments of your advertising to keep or drop.

Are your local SEO blogs creating more than 50% of your leads? Then keep doing it! Is your paid Facebook advertising only generating 2% of sales? Then drop it. Marketing firms have access to lead tracking and analytics tools, which can be used to make these decisions. Local SEO delivers search engine results to people when they search by geographic location. To be successful in local SEO, start by creating a “Google My Business” account, including your business’s name, address, and phone number.

To boost your local SEO ranking, implement these simple practices first:

  1. Ask satisfied customers to leave Google ratings and reviews.
  2. Get your website link featured on local trustworthy directories.
  3. Take advantage of automated local listing services to target local SEO.

Regarding San Diego and other local markets, it can be advantageous to partner up with a marketing firm that is familiar with that area. Local marketing nuances are common and cities like San Diego can be a complicated area to market. This is because, much like the US, it is very diverse in terms of people, culture, and geography. An absence of both personal and business local knowledge gives you a disadvantage when attempting to showcase your product or service with the appropriate marketing message.

To get to know your local market, we first use programs to find your competitors. Understanding your competition will help you analyze your business’ current market position. Then, a refinement of your branding, messaging, and channel selection will be completed to deliver your value proposition to your preferred audience in a way that can successfully build business.


Cost-Efficient External Marketing Teams

When trying to deliver your message to the correct audience, the challenges presented by cultural and linguistic barriers can be difficult and time consuming. That’s where a marketing agency comes in. SunCity Advising saves you time and money by using proven digital marketing strategies to help achieve your goals.

The average marketing manager in San Diego incurs a yearly salary of roughly $120,000. SunCity Advising helps to bridge this gap for smaller businesses that aren’t prepared to incur such a large expense. With your own hands-on account manager, you can expect us to provide a specialist with a proven track record for success in the local area.


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