Gaslamp Fish House Awarded “BEST RESTAURANT 2018” by The Gaslamp Quarter Association



A few months ago, “SPIKE AFRICA’S” became “GASLAMP FISH HOUSE”. Why changing the name?

We wanted to keep the connection with the GASLAMP district. Our restaurant is at the corner of Broadway and the 4th. This is San Diego’s historic district (initially lit with gas lamps, hence the name) where are located all the theaters, best restaurants and hotels. It is also a restaurant specialized in seafood and fish, hence the choice of this name…

The “best restaurant 2018” award, what does it mean?

It’s very important to us that this award was the result of a customers’ vote. This event “TASTE OF GASLAMP” is organized every year by the Gaslamp Quarter Association. Every willing customer (and not specifically those of the district) can buy tickets, which allow them to taste the specialties of all the restaurants of Gaslamp. Then, they vote. And their votes have awarded us “BEST RESTAURANT 2018”. It is really a great satisfaction and an encouragement for all our collaborators that we have associated with this award.

What consequences after this award?

We received a diploma that we will obviously frame and highlight well in the restaurant. It is essential for us to make this award known to our current and future customers, especially since very reputable restaurants were part of the competition.


How did you win this award?

With a dish called “MACADAMIA NUT CALAMARI” (squid with Macadamia nuts and a chili-orange sauce) and our signature dessert “BUTTERSCOTH PUDDING” which is actually close to a custard covered with a homemade salted caramel, but our recipe is kept secret…

I also noticed that your wine list has been completely redesigned. What can you tell us?

We’ve worked on it for many weeks with our suppliers. The tasting was very severe, we refused dozens of wines… We eventually settled on a balanced menu, which allows to taste and enjoy Californian grapes, of course, but also French, New Zealand, Chilean, Italian… Our customers also enjoy the “Organic Wine” section. Finally, we paid attention to their sales price that we wanted reasonable, which will allow everyone to enjoy a good dish. Same thing for alcohol…

What is your signature dish?

Unquestionably the “SEAFOOD A LA PLANCHA” with a whole lobster tail, large shrimps, Carlsbad mussels, a portion of salmon, and a portion of rockfish, all served with tomatoes “à la provençale”. Our French chef, with Mediterranean origins, designed this beautiful fresh dish that can be shared with friends, with a white Sauvignon from Napa or France.

Other dishes?

We have other dishes just as delicious, for example the “PAN SAUTED DIVER SCALLOPS”, the “DYNAMITE WILD SEABASS” or the “SURF AND TURF”. But the best, it seems to us, is to come and discover our map… Which can be completed if necessary.


At the end of the week, I’ve heard there were animations?

You’ve heard correctly. Every Friday and Saturday from 7:00 pm, we have music bands consisting of 2 or 3 members (mainly Blues Music) coming over. It allows to eat or drink while listening to some music. It is quite pleasant and it is already very appreciated by our customers.

Is it possible for groups to meet or for companies to create an event?

The restaurant can seat 220 people and we are fortunate enough to have an independent room of 50 people that can be privatized, or a patio that can accommodate more than 30 people. So, no problem to accommodate groups or companies. Moreover, we can adapt our menus to their requests, our chef will adapt them as best as possible.

Last question: This restaurant is part of the Investment Restaurant Group (I.R.G). What is it exactly?

We specialize in the management, construction and layout of mid-sized restaurants and delis in California. We have set up, developed and sold more than 34 restaurants in California over the last 18 years. In our own way, we participate a little in the American dream: if you have plans to move to the United States and get an investor visa for you and your family, we have THE SOLUTION! I.R.G recently renovated and relaunched “TAPAS & BEERS”, a restaurant located on the other side of Horton Plaza (926 Broadway Circle). Little indiscretion to finish: we are working on a magnificent project that should materialize by the end of 2018. But we hope to meet you again for a new article about it!

How can we make a reservation or contact you?

Phone: (619) 795-3800
Address: 411 Broadway SAN DIEGO CA 92101

For anyone who comes in our restaurant from this SAN DIEGO FRENCH & AMERICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE‘s article, we will offer our BUTTERSCOTH Pudding!