Provence-based businesses flock to CES Vegas


France represents the 3rd largest delegation of start-ups.

The countdown has begun… 55 Provence-based companies shall fly out to the Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas – a global forum dedicated to new technology – to present their innovations from January 7 to 11, 2019. Among these companies, there are 27 start-ups from Aix-Marseille-Provence, including four which were attracted by Provence Promotion, which is also supporting their business sites in the region. Before the trade show, the economic development agency will meet Californian entrepreneurs who specialize in the big data, connected object and smart city sectors. For more than a year and within the Business France office, the agency has carried out extensive background work to identify business establishment plans.

All aboard for CES Vegas. This year, once again, France will lead the third largest delegation of start-ups. Out of the 274 French companies that will travel to CES Vegas, 33% will exhibit under the banner, “#the future by Region Sud”.

At the beginning of January, 55 selected firms will have the privilege of displaying their technological innovations in the France pavilion of Eureka Park, a trade show that attracts some 200,000 visitors, buyers, distributors, key business leaders and potential investors who are often impossible to reach outside of the trade show.

Encounter with world-class players

At the 2018 trade show, the Aix-based company that designs 3D visualization technology, Exalt 3D, could not believe its luck: the start-up was able to meet the heads of Louboutin, the LVMH Group and Abercrombie Monde. This year, Exalt 3D is back, stronger than ever, as is VisioPM, which intends, thanks to the trade show, to explore the US market in order to open an office in New York in 2019. These two start-ups, just like Xrapid and Beelife, which recently set up in Marseille, have been supported by Provence Promotion from the outset.

In 2017, the agency for investors in the Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolitan Area gained a foothold in the United States by creating a representative office in San Francisco alongside Business France. Within a period of just 18 months and thanks to the agency’s presence in Silicon Valley, Provence attracted a number of great projects. Around ten companies from the West Coast that specialize in three areas of excellence (connected objects, big data and smart city) are discussing the creation of new sites.

“Six companies have already received a CES Innovation Award”

In France, the United States is now the biggest foreign investor. “The CES is a Mecca for new technology; we have to accompany companies as they develop, and help them extend their reach. 2019 promises to be a great year. Six companies have already received an Innovation Award from the organizers” boasts Vincent Berge, the founder of think’n Go NFC, the head of the start-up, CrocosDigital, and vice-president of Aix-Marseille French Tech. Among these award-winning firms, three specialize in the environment (Beelife – Cocoon, Biopooltech, Connected garden – Archibald) and one specializes in mobility (OnTracks – Guide watches); Protecto – Protectonnect offers an innovation in connected objects and, finally, 3dRudder – XR Millennium chair sells accessories for virtual-reality games.