Nicolas Viala, EVP of Scalian, and Christophe Reybert, CEO of Scalian happy to be recognized with the "Invest in Provence" seal presented by Philippe Stéfanini, Director of Provence Promotion ©nbdc

Scalian, an expert in digital systems, operations performance and digital transformations, opened a new office in Provence. That same momentum is echoed in Provence, where the company has been working since 1996 to support key players in the aeronautics, naval and manufacturing sectors. With a nearly 30% jump in its total sales in the region over the most recent reporting period and an increase in staff size, Scalian is expanding with a move from Aubagne to Gémenos. It may be one small step…but it is a giant leap for the well-being of 350 employees. The new premises at the foothills of the Garlaban Massif, which meet the group’s high standards, were officially opened on July 11, 2019. To mark the occasion, the company was awarded the “Invest in Provence” seal by Provence Promotion, which has been working with Scalian for two years. 

From the major refitting of the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle to the dismantling of a nuclear reactor to support for the design of a new helicopter, it is right here in Provence ‒ in the hills so dear to Marcel Pagnol ‒ that Scalian flourishes. The company is a leading actor in digital systems, operations performance and digital transformation.

“In 10 years, we have gone from 70 to 350 employees, who are very attached to the exceptional quality of life they have overlooking the hills to the east of Marseille. This position sets us apart from our competitors, which are concentrated in Aix. Our decision was also motivated by the desire to parlay the relocation of our office into an expression of an image that depicts the group’s positioning in France,” explains Nicolas Viala, Executive Vice-President of Scalian, who confesses to having been highly selective.

In December 2018, Scalian finalized its real estate project. Six months later, after extensive remodeling work, the group took possession of its brand-new headquarters. With an open-office format and meeting room, every last detail was thought out to ensure employees work under optimal conditions for productivity and professional development. “These facilities align with Scalian’s image. The Gémenos business park, near the highway interchange, is equidistant from Toulon, Marseille and Marignane, making it the ideal place to offer the best service to the naval, manufacturing and aeronautics industries. Our neighbors are Gemalto (Thalès) and Neotys,” adds Christophe Reybert, CEO of Scalian.

500 new hires over three years in the south

The two executives received the “Invest in Provence” seal from Philippe Stéfanini, Director of Provence Promotion, crowning their regional expansion.  They will continue to partner with the regional promotion agency on human resources needs in the form of match-making with the major higher education institutions (ISEN, Centrale, IAE, Ecole des Mines, Arts et Métiers) to recruit programmers, engineers and other Big Data specialists.

“Cobepa’s acquisition of a stake in the company in April 2019 injected fresh energy. We just launched a strategic plan for 2019-2024 to raise the group’s headcount from 2,800 to 6,000 employees to sustain annual growth rates of about 15% to 20%. Beginning in 2019, we will recruit 150 people in the region. Our staff size in this region will reach 500 in fewer than three years,” notes Nicolas Viala. “The appeal of this region is an asset in attracting candidates. Our strength lies in career development opportunities,” explains Leila Darbon, HR Director at Scalian.

Scalian, which partners with major industrial players in the aeronautics, energy and transport sectors, operates in seven countries and posted total sales of 200 million euros in 2018. The company has eight branches in France (Paris, Nantes, Rennes, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Marseille, Sophia-Antipolis, Lyon) and nine offices abroad.