Despite the uncertainty caused by the widespread health crisis, regional economic stakeholders are continuing their efforts to decarbonize ports to fulfill both environmental and public health objectives. This initiative is part of the overall “zero-emission stopovers” plan for ships that has been implemented by the Region Sud.

The decarbonization effort, which is being carried out by a consortium of industrial companies based in the region, advances the developmental phase of the project to use hydrogen-powered mobile fuel cells to supply electricity to ships in berth. The hydrogen for this project is produced in the Fos-sur-Mer industrial-port zone.

The partners have submitted the project to the call for expressions of interest for hydrogen projects that was issued by ADEME, the French agency focused on the environmental transition. As part of its evaluation of territorial hydrogen projects that is a precursor to a call for tenders, ADEME is seeking to identify innovative projects of French or European scope that involve the design, production, and use of hydrogen systems. 

In this context, the Port of Marseille Fos and the Corsican shipping and ferry companies La Méridionale and Corsica Linea are supporting the initiative and the partners by welcoming the project, which aligns with their strategies to reduce their carbon footprints.

For shipowners, this innovative technological solution could help meet electricity needs when boats call at the Digue du Large (the eastern basins of the Port of Marseille Fos) and certain quays that cannot be connected to the intra-port electrical grid.

This project perfectly corresponds with the mission to accelerate major structural projects that are part of the OIR (Operations of Interest to the Region) strategic sector program that is managed by risingSUD.

The support provided under the OIR program is facilitating the provision of a clean power supply for ships docked at quay that will supplement the port’s traditional electricity network.

risingSUD contact: Nathalie OHAYON, Project Manager—Operations of Interest to the Region

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