Evening at the Savonnerie du Midi with companies recently established in Aix-Marseille-Provence

More than 80% of the French and foreign companies Provence Promotion assisted in 2019 confirmed the successful execution of their projects in the region. That is great news on the economic front given the challenges experienced on the ground in recent months. Only 6% of those businesses revised their hiring plans downward. Their feedback was reflected in the agency’s annual report.

Provence Promotion usually releases its yearly results in April, but the report had to be delayed this year because it was supplemented with information collected from entrepreneurs and executives to better understand the impact of the health and economic crisis on their operations and plans.

Although more recent decisions to move into the region may have been jeopardized, the overall results of the survey were positive. The companies that received support from the agency in 2019 confirmed their investments in the region. Only 6% of them signaled they were suspending or canceling their plans. Of the more than 80% of companies that continue to operate, 66% are of foreign origin. These details bring more nuance to the uptick in results seen in 2019.

80 investment decisions in 2019

Thanks to active prospecting efforts and targeted assistance services by Provence Promotion, 80 companies chose to create, expand or take over a business in the region in 2019.

These investments cover the region’s six sectors of excellence ‒ digital economy, environment/eco-manufacturing, lifestyle, health and wellness, maritime/logistics and mechanics/aeronautics/shipyards ‒ for a total of 1,900 direct investments.

While the digital sector still dominates, it should be noted that nine new healthcare businesses were created. One example is Ipsomedic, whose ground-breaking innovation could revolutionize pharmaceutical manufacturing.

The appeal of Aix-Marseille-Provence

The number of companies opting for Provence has been on the rise (+30%) for four years. The proportions of French and foreign investments have been relatively balanced, but with a slightly higher percentage of French companies in 2019. This is the case for the Parisian start-up Qarnot Computing, which moved to Aix-en-Provence. As teleworking becomes more commonplace, the Qarnot solution helps buildings lower their carbon footprint while enhancing connectivity for private users

The English cruise line Croisières Maritime & Voyages, which opened its French headquarters in France at Quais de la Joliette in Marseilles, and CEVA Logistics, which is under the CMA CGM Group, are among the major foreign companies that worked with Provence Promotion teams last year.

These positive results will encourage Provence Promotion to persevere and to expand its activities in the post-COVID era, when national and international competition will be fierce.

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