Expand USA Program Summary

The San Diego French American Chamber of Commerce is happy to introduce our latest Business Development program; Expand USA. Expand USA aims to help French based companies expand into the US through our vast network and expertise in both the French and American markets. 

What is Expand USA?

The program is founded on the relation between the San Diego French American Chamber of Commerce and French Government Agency Rising SUD. Founded in July of 2020, Expand USA has taken on four French enterprises. Led by Gilles Bonkoski, the Expand USA team is comprised on French business experts currently living in the US who understand the nuances of both American and French business practices. Clients who enroll in Expand USA are put in contact with perspective clients who best fit their profile. Companies who are currently enrolled in Expand USA are enjoying great returns on their investments and making strides towards integration.  

Meet Our Companies

360 Smart Connect

Based out of the south of France, 360 Smart Connect allows companies to easily manage the sanitation of their equipment, buildings, and vehicles. 360 Smart Connect targets property managers, building owners, and their subcontractors in an effort to streamline their sanitization process. Since joining the program in October of 2020, 360 Smart Connect has meet with seven prospective clients, and is pursuing a deal with City of San Diego Real Estate to implement the technology with their public works and facilities team.  In addition, Expand USA is aiding 360 Smart Connect expand into student housing, as the technology is favorable to the housing managers due to their high turnover rate.

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Emyg Aqua

Located near Marseille, Emyg Aqua has revolutionized the transportation of shellfish and crustacean by providing companies with the opportunity to move their product while keeping them alive. By targeting transportation agencies as well as farms, and under the guidance of our team, Emyg Aqua has set up fourteen meetings with perspective clients . As a result of their early success, they intend to set up an office in the US in the near future.

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IoThink Solutions

A customizable IoT software company based out of the greater Nice area, IoThink solutions provides a user friendly, customizable platform that helps any organization manage a variety of variables optimizing their efficiency.  IoThink solution is looking to connect with System integrators and machine builders based in the US  in an effort to expand their market. As a result of their 13 meetings provided by Expand USA, IoThink solutions has signed a deal with Guard Hat and is currently in advanced talks with some of the leading Lorawan providers in the United States.   

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 An innovative eco-friendly alternative to combat mosquitoes using a suction device rather than harmful pesticides, Qista has been a partner of Expand USA since September 2020. Originally from the Southern region of France, they have rapidly expanded into the US and are currently looking to connect with local and state governments. They are currently certifying their product in the US and have benefited from a total of 14 meetings provided by Expand USA with various government agencies. In addition, they are exploring options in the Mexican market. This new found market has prompted their CEO to move to California in 2021.

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Participate to our Next Edition

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Rising Sud

As a part of the Action Alliance, Rising SUD is the San Diego French American Chamber of Commerce’s primary partner for this project. The Expand USA program is funded in part by Rising Sud. Beneficiaries of the Expand USA program will receive access to an American business developer for two half days a week (8 hours.)

If you are interested in enrolling in our Expand USA program, please schedule a meeting with one of our team members. For all your business needs, whether domestic or international, please visit our website to see what we can do for you.