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About us: Who We Are

Based in San Diego, we are a non-profit institution that empowers companies to reach their full potential. Through our expertise in business needs and regional regulation laws, as well as expansive network of U.S and French industry leaders as well as government officials, we help our members gain tremendous momentum to grow their business. Our mission is to enable and empower businesses by providing them with crucial resources, including but not limited to an extensive network, advice on best business practices, 

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Support companies to grow is the core of our mission

Since 1995, our team has succeeded in understanding the challenges of French-American companies and creating reliable services to meet them all.

OUr Clients

We craft tailored services to the need of both American and French based companies. Our clients benefit from our experience in both countries and our vast network. 

our Community

We offer unique connections opportunities and events for our members to foster business relationships in San Diego and California. 

Need help with growing your business in the USA or in Europe?