Mar 27 2020


9:30 am



The Impacts of Covid-19 on Immigration

We continue our series on the impact of COVID-19 on businesses. After discussing the stock market, this webinar will give answers from Immigration lawyers to people under nonimmigrant visas in the United States.

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Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, people living under a nonimmigrant visa in the United Stated have become concerned about the impact the coronavirus could have on their visa and their ability to remain in the United States.


  • Laurent C. Vonderweidt, Esq.
  • Geraldine Tissot-Brown, Esq.


Here are some of the recurring questions we are receiving from our clients. The following questions will be the primary topics of our presentation:

• Can I stay in the United States with my nonimmigrant visa if my employer shut down due to the coronavirus and I was laid off?

• Can I stay in the United States with my nonimmigrant visa if my employer stops paying my salary but I’m still legally an employee of the company? Does it make a difference if I have a visa H-1B, E-2 of a J-1?

• Can I apply for unemployment benefits if I lost my job?

• I am an entrepreneur in the U.S under a non-immigrant visa, what financial assistance can I apply for with the Federal Government, my State or my City to help my struggling business?

• Can I still legally work if my employer wants me to work from home or from a location different from the one indicated on my visa application?

• What happens to my application if I’m currently in the process of applying for an H-1B visa or a green card and the sponsoring company has shut down temporarily?

• Can I stay in the United States with my F-1 visa if my school shuts downs and offers online courses?

• Can I extend my status in the U.S if my non-immigrant visa is about to expire?

• Can someone on ESTA get an extension due to canceled flights or symptoms of COVID-19?

We will be available to answer other questions in the end, as we know things are changing daily.