Jun 10 2021


Pacific Time
9:00 am - 10:30 am

Develop and Manage your French real-estate from the U.S.

June 10th 9am PT: Webinar

Part 1: Acquisition and tax management:

Bank of the West / BNP Paribas and Deloitte TAJ are pleased to offer you a series of Webinars entitled “The rendezvous of heritage and Franco-American mobility”. These webinars are intended to provide you with:

– concrete insight into your international situation.

– a decryption of wealth and tax news, American and French, with the help of professionals on the topics discussed.

For this 3rd theme of the Heritage Meetings, we have chosen to deal with the management of real estate for French people living in the United States. Our experts will come to bring their perspective on the various tax and asset aspects entering into the management of real estate assets.

The topics covered for this first part intended for acquisition and tax management:

· What strategy for acquiring real estate assets in France?

· How to finance the acquisition?

· Naked or furnished, professional or non-professional: which rental status to choose?

· How to properly declare your real estate income?

· The impact of the IFI in its real estate strategy

Our guests and specialists: Julie Reynier, lawyer and Partner at Deloitte TAJ, specialist in international mobility, Lyon. Allan Menini, tax specialist and Manager at Deloitte TAJ, specialist in international mobility, Lyon. Yoann Brugiere, Partner and founder of Orbiss, CPA / Chartered accountant, specialized in Franco-American issues, NYC. Margaux Buridant, International Wealth Strategist at Bank of the West, NYC. Thomas Simonney (Moderator), Head of International Clients at Bank of the West, San Francisco